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Collaborative & Innovative

At The Togolese Civil League, our top priority is to achieve results, and we know that our success depends on the quality of our campaigns and partnerships. Our approach is to build strategic networks and promote programs that will help advance our work. Learn more about the causes we’re passionate about and get in touch with us to see how you can get involved.

Democracy & Human Rights

No One Should be Silenced

We believe the bedrock of human development and prosperity is a society where citizens govern themselves though elected officials. We also uphold human dignity through the respect of human rights and the elimination of all forms of oppression.

The Rule of Law

Ensuring all voices are heard

One of the key tenets of our mission is to ensure that no one is above the law. To that end, we take actions to end all forms of impunity and holding officials accountable.

Civic Engagement

Powered by the people

Building capacity and enabling individuals and civil society to promote a responsive government.

Programs: Programs
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