Why We do it

Guiding Principles

Short Term Midterm Long Term
Faure leaves power The first post-Gnassingbe government establishes strong institutions Togo becomes a model country with effective democratic institution with full citizen’s participation.

Our theory of change draws from our history and evolution from a grassroots movement to a formal civil organization to cast a model for change that fulfills our vision. Each outcome includes a services of input, activities and output established in detail in our current strategic plan.

The four corners of our actions

  • Faure Must Go

    The Faure Must Go grassroot campaign focuses on denouncing the oppression of the current Togolese government and the more than half a century of a single family rule. Through this campaign, we raise international awareness of abuses and injustices in Togo, organize communities on nonviolence civil resistance and seek support to uproot the oppressive government of Faure Gnassingbe.

  • Optimizing the Civil Society

    The Togolese government has made a deliberate effort to weaken the civil society by limiting access to funding and putting severe restriction on their activities. This has minimized the ability of the civil society to be a real player in the country. We seek to revive and optimize the civil society by creating new network, partnerships and opportunities. We also work to ease restrictions on the civil society activities through various forms of advocacy.

  • Leveraging the Potential of the Diaspora

    The diaspora must not abdicate its responsibility to play a key role in supporting democracy in Togo. Leveraging the power of the diaspora is critical to that effect We engaged in partnership with organizations and individuals that share our values in the diaspora to support an increased involvement and secure rights for its members.

  • Encouraging Innovative Solutions

    We believe that actions are only effective if they stems from ideas that are well formed. This is why our Think Tank is tasked to identify and test ideas, produce analysis and papers intended to educate and guide the decisions that affect the lives of the people. We share this publications regularly with stakeholders and the public to trigger meaningful discussions and inspire effective actions.