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The Togolese Civil League

Democracy matters


Free All Political Prisoners!

Among the more than 100 people arrested in 2019 for plotting against the government, 7 have died in custody and none have been given a trial date.

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The Togolese Civil League at a Glance

The Togolese Civil League was born from the idea that real democratic progress can only be achieved by engaging the citizens to be the driving force behind every action. To that aim, we seek active engagement from the Togolese citizens from the diaspora and in the motherland. We also partner with respectful institutions that are committed to empowering the Togolese people to lay a strong foundation for a vibrant democracy.

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What We Do

Creating space for Freedom and Justice

Connecting Citizens

Building a movement of civic leaders

Democracy works effectively when citizens are rallied and engaged through a vibrant civil society.

Advocating for the rule of law

One Step at a Time

Togo's political challenge are fuel by the systematic denial of basic political freedom, a culture of impunity and a lack of governmental accountability.

Upholding Human Rights

Securing Human Rights for all

Human rights are essential pillar for any healthy society.

Informing and Educating

Silence and Compliance embolden dictators

Advocacy is an essential pillar of our Lobbying Organization. There is strength in numbers, and we work to inform and encourage others to take a stand for what they believe in. Want to learn more?

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